Reasons Why Every Business is a Target of DDoS Attacks

Reasons Why Every Business is a Target of DDoS Attacks

BY : SM Mahmudur Rahman

DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks are making headlines almost every day. 2021 saw a 434% upsurge in DDoS attacks, 5.5 times higher than 2020. Q3 2021 saw a 24% increase in the number of DDoS attacks in comparison to Q3 2020.

Advanced DDoS attacks that are typically targeted, known as smart attacks, rose by 31% in the same period. Further, 73% of DDoS attacks in Q3 2021 were multi-vector attacks that combined multiple techniques to attack the targeted systems. The largest percentage of DDoS targets (40.8%) was in the US Banks, and financial institutions were the biggest DDoS and DoS attack targets in the past couple of years.

Does this mean businesses and organizations that aren't in the banking and financial services sector are safe from DDoS attacks? Most definitely not! Every business is a potential DDoS target. Read on to know why and what measures to take to keep your business effectively protected. Best web development in the Greater Toronto area. 

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